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Ignited Way team is a brilliant mix of the past, present and future. Our passion for work is reflected in our past work that the team has accomplished. The works includes every aspect of Entrepreneurship – From assessing your strengths to making you a person who is willing to explore the uncharted territories.

As Robert Frost says – I took the Road Less Traveled and that has made all the difference. The future presents an incredible opportunity for Ignited Way to create a unique space in Entrepreneurships.

Brief Profile of Arvind Srinivasan – Your Mentor

Your mentor is a Senior Career Development Facilitator with Dheya. Dheya is India’s premier Career Guidance and Planning organization with its own Psychometric tools and unique personalized process. India’s 1st scientific and most reliable psychometric assessment based on Positive Psychology

Your mentor uses Dheya’s processes and thorough research of over 22,000 occupations to guide and plan the careers of students and professionals. He is part of Dheya’s mission to impact about 1.64 crore children by 2025 (1% of the population)

Some of the philosophies imbibed, by DHEYA, for children in India are

  • Chartered career path
  • Clarity about next steps in a career
  • Becomes a great achiever
  • Attain the pinnacle for achieving success
  • Right choices made based on strength and not compulsion
  • Successful and hence build a great nation


  • Over 17 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Business Development, Customer Relations
  • Certified Digital Marketer, Analyst & AdWords Expert, Facebook Ads Expert
  • Diverse expertise across B2B and B2C sectors
  • Handled P&L responsibilities of over INR 600 crores
  • Ability to grow and consolidate businesses using digital marketing strategies
  • Strong business acumen with strategic, financial and people management skills