Dheya Early Career Planning.

As you start your career, sometime you feel that you have made a mistake, even before you start and this is kind of a never-ending cycle and the most effective years of your life is spent discovering your actual interests which leads to loss of time and high level of frustration
Our product will help you overcome this challenge

Key points

  •  –  19-page report on own personality traits, interests and abilities
  •  –  Career options based on strengths and happiness index
  •  –  Career Transition plan to enable a happy career and fulfilled life
  •  –  INR 15,000

You are sometimes forced on this path due to situations that could have been easily challenged. However, due to your inability to cope with immediate pressure points, you end up in careers that isn’t entirely palatable for you. To ensure that this is not the end, you need the help of people and systems that can guide you in the right path.

Why Early Career Planning?

There are times when you start feeling that you are not utilizing your 100% abilities or your are not finding your passion. This could lead to a position of anxiety and you might end up performing below your optimal levels. All it needs is a little bit of fine tuning and just like forks, which are in unison, the music that will come out will be such a melody that even Zakir Hussain will feel envious about!!

This is what we are going to help you with

What do we do?

Our steps are very simple to follow. Through a proper scientific approach, we will help you identify your strengths, passion and happiness index through an ONLINE ASSESMENT. Subsequent to that, we will be doing a one-on-one counseling session to help you identify the right career path and we will be assisting you anytime that you need our help.

It’s a life-long support that will come to you


You will

  •  – Understand your strengths and passions
  •  – Have an higher confidence due to self-awareness
  •  – Develop a higher self-esteem
  •  – Have a higher reputation in your career and jobs
  •  – Make a transition to a new career based on the interests identified.