How to find your key goal in 2020

The Road Ahead
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A new career begins

As you start envisaging a new future, something amazing begins to happen. All the good things of life begin to come together.

You will go through situations that you might not be familiar with. Your success in any endeavor will be determined by the effort that you put in.

Your success will depend upon your ability to manage your emotions. It will also need a mature understanding of people around you.

Champions are not made in the ring

Your success is celebrated in the public arena. But to achieve these accolades the amount of blood and sweat had to be poured behind the scenes is something phenomenal.

Seeing a big businesses unfolding in front of the media is nothing new. You would have read the book ‘The Road Ahead’. But have you thought about THE ROAD BEFORE?

How many times have you got enamored by the glitz of the ring? But if you need to bask in that glory, be ready to fight it out

Look like a million bucks before you make million bucks

A key lesson that all big players of the game teach you is this. Self-Image and the way you carry yourself is the difference between you and what you want. (to achieve)

Another key aspect is how dress yourself up. You need not spend too much to look the part. To make the cut, you need to treat yourself as well. (with a nice outfit).

Combining the above two strategies in the right mix is the key. Your internal strengths and your external outlook will combine to give you the million-dollar look.

Reliability is the key

One of the traits that you need to pick up is the above mentioned aspect. Your leadership is measured by how many people like you?

Likability by others is the character that you need to figure out. If you want to have a large fan following learn to become a brand. (that is sell able).

In marketing, the key to getting a product or service across, is it relatable? The same strategy is what you have to adopt to be acceptable. (by others).

Your life should be your message

An interesting story that happened with Gandhiji is a relevant to the above point. A lady goes up to him and requests him to tell to her son to stop eating sugar.

Gandhiji asked them to come back after a month. The lady did not understand this. After a month, Gandhiji tells the boy to stop eating sugar.

The lady with a baffled look, asks Gandhiji as to why did not tell that a month back. For this, he replies that he was consuming sugar, then.

Now he had stopped it and understood what it means to STOP eating sugar!!

You should learn to inspire your people with speed

The old story of slow and steady wins the race is bygone. The saying has changed a bit – It is now FAST & STEADY that will win the race for you.

You need to keep your head to the ground, but at the same time you need to inspire those around you. It can be done if you are able to showcase the speed of execution. (of your work)

Another aspect of your speed of action is the strategy behind it. You will need to involve someone who has executed such works before.

Build yourself and others

You can be middle class, but your dreams should be rich. That is a sure shot way of showing others how they can improve themselves.

When you notice anyone who has done well for themselves, they have also worked on others. It’s a simple thought – help others to help yourself.

As you start building your career, do not overlook this principle. This has the potential to make you a great financial and personal future!!

Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-CareerYour passion and the orientation that you take to achieve your goals should be aligned properly so that there is a proper transition from where you are to where you want to be.

Your approach to achieving anything worthwhile will be guided by ways that you might have used in the past, but to create a mark, you might have to chart a new strategy.

When you are planning your career, it is important that you understand your strengths and over-look your weakness, else the latter will over-power you.

Your career should be like a tiger in the jungle

The ideal environment for growth for you is the place where you will not be inhibited due to the surroundings.

Whenever you are presented with options, think about the nature’s way of giving the options. There are two ways the food is given.

In one case, the tiger has to fight for the kill and it’s going to be fresh meat every time. If it’s a zoo, then you know the story.

Given the above two options, it up to you to choose the way that you feel is right.

Your leadership should influence others

When you look back on history you will realize that all of who have had impact on the society could only bring it because they were able to influence a segment.

As a leader, you will need to create a target for yourself or you could look at a business proposition that can influence a reasonable group of people.

Another interesting corollary are the business leaders of today who are again impacting the current breed of career makers.

People follow leaders, not followers

It’s easier said than done. When you want someone to follow you, you need to create situations not just for your growth but others as well.

One of the important aspects of your leadership is how you use you speak, as it has the potential to build your future.

Leadership is not given, but taken and the faster and more confident that you are in taking this role, the more potential of growing a great fan following.

If there is no resistance, there is no growth

There are enough perspectives that can make you understand that unless there is a pressure created, you will not be able to reach your ultimate goal.

A good example that you might see around is a plane flying in the sky only because of the force of a strong wind against it. So is the example of a road and car.

Any body builder or someone who has built a big business will tell you that it was not easy reaching that levels of success without opposition.

What’s your response when you get rejected?

In any endeavor that you choose, be ready to face situations and people that might not be completely in favor of your directions.

You don’t start out with a defeatist mindset, but the paradox of building a great career is that bigger the challenge, the higher is the victory.

If you choose to tread a path that is seldom tried by others, you can be rest assured of rejections lesser than the normal times

You can never ‘convince’ anyone to be successful

Success will come those who wait and if your one of those who personifies patience as one of your traits, you will get it at unexpected times.

Success for you is based on several factors that you need to focus on. Unless someone is willing to stick their neck out, it might not be possible to achieve all the goals.

Your problems will never be bigger than what you can handle
Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-Career
Mid- Career Planning: A strategic move

It’s your mental fortitude that determines the challenges in front of you. You will never be thrown into a fire whose heat you can’t handle.

If you look at any significant person around you, you will realize that they have personified this habit fully.

Your success in life lies outside your comfort-zone. You will be able to taste the nectar of success, once you step outside this current lifestyle.

Don’t compete with people at cars and house level – compete at private jet level

You are the average of five friends around you. This applies to your finances as well as your personality. You better be careful about this.

You are limited by your capacity to dream. Just look around you – People who have succeeded are ones whose aspirations were bigger than you. That’s all.

An interesting anecdote is ‘Magic of thinking big’ illustrates this principle quite well. The top performing sales person in a company had nothing going for him – mainly geography and the clientele.

An analysis about his profile revealed that the only difference he brought, was his THINKING.

Soldiers wearing just a uniform is not an army – They need to be properly equipped

The above statement highlights an important fact. When you are setting up your team, just recruiting IIT and IIM grads will not provide success.

As a two-decade veteran, your mentor at Ignited Way, can tell you with confidence this fact. Your success will depend on your life skills more than what you learnt. (In school or college)

It is imperative that you learn the nuances of the trade. This efficiency can only be got by getting your hands dirty. That’s why a Diploma holder is sometimes better than an engineer. (from a top notch college).

Protect your brain

You have an antivirus for laptop, how about your brain? Technology has saved the day for the minor game, but you need to develop a strategy for that 3-pound organ.

How many times have you been considerate towards this million-dollar asset? Many times, you treat it as you will treat a low-life.

But the fact of life is that great men who have succeeded have tended it as a farmer would take care of his harvest.

Your work ethic is your antivirus – bad info moves into spam folder

There is no substitute for hard-work. This is one habit that can catapult you into the big league. Ruben Gonzales who is a lug racer and an Olympian is the perfect example.

Anything you start out new, you will have a very strong fear that will stop you. However, if you start putting the required effort, the tides will change. (in your favor)

Taking the first step in a new direction is the boldest move you will ever make. In order for you to be an expert in any field, you need to work for 1000 continuous days.

This also will train you on an important aspect of leadership. It is willingness to have patience.

Bad thoughts should be like a newspaper – how much importance you give for yesterday’s newspaper?

It is a very easy option to look into the past and determine the future. But, if you are able to overcome this debilitating thought, success is yours.

If Mahatma Gandhi had let his train incident determine his future, would we have got our independence? If the Wright brothers had stopped after to their first failure?

You do not know what is in store for you till you outgrow your failures. A great future awaits you!!

Go for it.

Ignited Way’s steps

We use a variety of techniques to determine your talent as per your strengths and overlooking your weakness. Ignited Way provides assessments that will aid you in any age-group. Our products are applicable from the age group of 13 years to 45 years.

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You can review our expert’s profile who will be your mentor in understanding your strengths and based on a customized psychometric tests will provide the right direction

We have a vision of developing India into a strong country that provides cutting edge solutions on education and transform Young Indians positively

Wishing you that you achieve all your dreams

A pointer:

Your transition is a critical point that determines your destiny as you will not have a probable chance of reaching your pinnacle, otherwise.

You can opt to follow your passion and dreams as you should have taken care of your financial requirements.

If you are one among the lucky few, your work and passion would have already been integrated so that you are happy with your work.



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