Career Map – Career Direction for 13 years to 15 years

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Three Secrets that can aid your child to have a fulfilled life

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Career Direction through a customized NDCAP process

  1. Systematic career guidance for your child for a happy and successful career
  2. Using the inputs from our customized Psychometric tests based on the NDCAP structure and your (parent’s) inputs, I will do a 1-on-1 session with your child to identify his/her strengths
  3. I will invest 60 minutes, to begin with and highlight the possibilities in the world of work using your child’s awesomeness
  4. I will also clarify all your doubts and help your child to decide the most suitable career as per their nature 
  5. I will also take into account your child’s personality and interest to create a career path to achieve their dreams
  6. There are only 4 steps to achieve these results viz. Have a Google Meet with me to understand the next steps, Take the Psychometric assessment, Schedule a consultation with me, Decide  the right career path

Going forward, I will offer  full-fledged support, whenever needed

You can call me on

+ 91 900 8111 099

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10 AM and 10 PM

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