Career Labs – Career plan for Students (School / College)

India’s first Career Education Program to help students make better career decisions

  • Key objective: Impacting students towards a HOLISTIC development for happy and successful careers. The 3 Core benefits are viz. Holistic Development; Interactive live sessions by Senior Professionals; Preparation for the  future of Work + BONUS : Network with Dheya’s alumni and mentor community
  • Separate and customized programs for students belonging to different batches. Allied programs can be done for parents, teachers and institution heads
  • Program involves SKILL DEVELOPMENT on futuristic careers like AI, IOT, Big Data etc. Additionally, the training will also be on PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT like Communication, Leadership etc. 
  • Since a person spends more than 40 years working, the emphasis should be to understand the various possibilities of working and contributing in a manner that makes the person “happy at work”, and “fulfilled in life
  • Most of the students end up having an unplanned and unprepared career, unaware and incapable entry into occupations resulting in unhappy & low productive life

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