How to Identify Some Sizzling Key Strategies Right Now

Key Strategy – The next steps

 Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-CareerOnce you have thought of a direction in your life, it is imperative to have a reasonable passion about it to achieve your dreams.

As the passion starts to imbibe in your daily actions, it is imperative that you counsel with the right set of people and tools.

Since there are lot of Psychometric tests available in the market, you need to able to discern that right one that can help you.

Some inspirations…

Any goal is a target

Your goals are the passport for you to reach the destination of your choice. Thankfully, once you have clarity on this, there is no stopping.

Goals can have looked from a perspective of short-term, mid-term and long-term perspectives with time lines of 12 months, 3 years and 5 years respectively.

There is theory that states that goals should be SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Targeted.

However, there is another school of thought that says that goals should be UNREALISTIC and should not have any benchmarks.

It’s your choice to go for either of the strategies.

Expanding target – Increases the bounty

This is an extension of the above theory. If you are able to set your destination as per your passion, then the financial returns will far exceed any expectations.

You can either broad base your actions that can increase your income or GO DEEP in any of your actions. The former will make you a Generalist, while with latter strategy – you will be an Expert.

Love the one you are with

Sometimes your success might camouflage your thought process which might end up making you ‘Live in an Island’. This is not the ideal situation.

As you achieve success, it is critical that you maintain an internal peace that comes by having a balance in all spheres of life

As said by the great author Stephen Covey in his book ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, your victory over self needs to come before you achieve external success.

If a person meets 80% of your ideals, then he/she should be part of your team

As said in ancient texts that No Man is an island, you will need the help of your team to achieve permanent and sustainable success.

Knowing this, it is critical to now that being a PERFECTIONIST in this regard is not going to help you. If you team is able to live up to the majority of your expectations, you are with the right set of people.

Magnify your team’s positivity and reduce the negativity

As said by the great coach, Vince Lombardi that you should praise in the public and criticize in private – your team members.

This is an important facet that will ensure a high result-oriented team which you will set up and can witness some extraordinary results like the great coach.

If your past investment is not working, find a new method that will help the future

Changing your actions based on results is a strategy that is followed by many and it will also hold you in good stead.

But, how about taking a different approach where you have understood the issue and provide the solution upfront – just like a doctor will do to a patient.

Don’t get obsessed with perfection

One of the weaknesses that you will need to overcome is your attitude towards achieving your aspirations. Never let that passion power over your intellect.

As said in the ancient scriptures, Perfect people are only found in graves!!

Be careful!!

Key Strategy – A Different Approach

Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-Career
Planning a successful career involves an optimal combo of left brain and right brain strategies

Planning your path in terms of what you want to achieve in the future is an important aspect of career. You will need a judicious mix of people and tools to achieve this and take the right decision in this regard.

Your decision of choosing the correct career path needs to be understood from different perspectives. We have highlighted a few directions that you might want to consider.

Give to humanity

One of the important aspects of living is to have a fulfilled life that can be attained only by helping others in their quest for achieving their dreams and goals.

An interesting phenomenon is that; the law of increase will do the rest i.e. you will end up with more than your asked for.

Mystery gives the personality a charm

Never play all your cards. That way, you will always remain in the limelight. All great leaders in every sphere have maintained a level of secrecy about themselves.

If you are able to give out the right information at the right time in right quantum, you will be revered for a very long time.

Develop relationship – Leads to friendships

Friendship first and leadership later. That should be your driving factor to ensure that you are able to achieve a perennial success.

Little kind acts of kindness are a fool-proof method of developing great relations, as today’s world does not have time for such niceties

Giving develops bonds

It’s a kind of magic wand, but the act of giving without expecting a return will improve your personal and professional equity to unimaginable heights.

You will always have this question in your career – Will you be a socialist who is a capitalist or the other way around?

Entertain people at your home as much as possible – this builds stronger bonds i.e. when your break bread together.

Ask general questions of well-being – don’t ask private questions. This will aid you in fostering a higher level of trust that is critical for growth.

All great men and women are different

It’s the capacity to be above the crowd that makes them great. If you want to emulate them, be ready for the brickbats.

Bouquets will be there, but the flow of life is slightly different from school, where you give your tests first and then the results appear.

In the game of life, understand that the tests are first done and then the lessons are taught and if you are not smart enough to understand that, you are in for big trouble.

A farmer going for the harvest is the perfect example. He has to manage the DIRTY mud before he gets the CLEAN fruits!!

Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety

Unless you are one of those exceptions, who know their path before you start your walk; it is always a great experience to taste all the flavors of life before choosing yours.

If life were to be compared with a platter, then it is the various options that make it interesting.

Do opposite of what you did before

Sometimes things might not work out the way you envisaged. In that scenario, it is better to be safe than sorry.

In this situation, there is nothing wrong or embarrassing in trying a new alternative career.

Key Strategy – Taking it Forward
Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-Career
Taking a good look at you past to make a good future is the mark of a champion

As you start moving in your career and life starts throwing situations at you, you will start learning the ‘tricks of the trade’.

When you begin to feel that you have arrived, you will notice that there is a significant population that has taken giant strides that makes you look like a minnow.

The leaders in your area have done somethings which you might want to emulate to make yourself successful. Some thoughts around that…

You should not quit

It’s easier said than done. Just reflect back on your new year resolutions. It could have ranges from reducing weight to sporting a new look.

Where are those resolutions now? Have you ever looked back and analyzed, how long it has taken for the big businessmen to be the names that they are today?

Ambanis are one of the richest families in the country. When Dhirubai first came to limelight, he was 45 years old. It took him 20 years to reach this state.

Another classic example in Col. Sanders of KFC fame. He started his business, when he was 65. He did not give up on his dreams.

Stick around and you will make it happen

An extension of the above philosophy. Some more classic stories that will inspire you take actions that will end up in great results.

When did Gandhiji get India her freedom? What was Ray Kroc’s age when Mac became a household name? How much donation does Warren Buffet or Bill Gates do now?

If you have a dream, make sure your family knows it

Many time, it might happen that the changes or transitions that you make might send jitters across your FIRST CIRCLE. The reason for this is your communication.

Many times you might feel that you have explained your positions effectively to your close ones, but when it boomerangs, is when you realize that there is big chasm.

One more critical component here is that, never try to engage on these terms with people who are not close to you. It might end up in the wrong direction.

A low self-image is a debilitating factor

One of the main focus area that can aid you in overcoming the great obstacles is the way YOU FEEL about yourself.

All great people have had high levels of confidence in their own abilities to perform the task they have chosen to do along with tremendous amounts of passion.

The good Cs

Commitment, communication and compliment are the three aspects that your team members are looking forward to. This will aid you in building a strong trust with your team.

Ensure that you do these acts in public and do it for a team and not an individual. This will enhance the team spirit within your organization.

A different calendar

You will be able to have a much more comfortable life after you have burnt the mid night oil for at least 1000 days.

Any person who has achieved success in your domain will vouch for this aspect of working hard – initially, for a limited period of time –   a classic example is the fuel consumption when a rocket blasts into the sky.

You will leave behind a legacy

When you build something of value, you will just not reap the financial benefits, but other benefits like leaving behind a great story.

You might just do it for your children!!

Ignited Way’s steps

We use a variety of techniques to determine your talent as per your strengths and overlooking your weakness. Ignited Way provides assessments that will aid you in any age-group. Our products are applicable from the age group of 13 years to 45 years..

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We have a vision of developing India into a strong country that provides cutting edge solutions on education and transform Young Indians positively

Wishing you that you achieve all your dreams

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