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First Vision – The Right Steps

Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, TrainingTaking the right steps in advancing your career is a critical aspect when it comes to analyzing your career moves.

When there is plethora of options available to advance your career, it becomes pertinent that you use the right resources to obtain it.

This is the first phase of your life when you decide on which career moves are profitable – personally and professionally.

A few directional thoughts…

Nothing is stronger than habit

Bad habits are easy to acquire, but hard to life with while good habits are difficult to acquire, but easy to live with.

It is a proven science that it takes 21 days to build any good habit. But, from a stand point of consistency – go for 30 days.

The silver lining is that, once you have developed a good habit, the ROI in terms of the benefits that accrue is unimaginable.

You have to know yourself to choose the right tool that help you succeed

There are multitude of solutions available to aid you in reaching your aspirations which are positioned as per your needs.

Depending on the destination that you have decided to reach, you will need to adapt to those training requirements.

If let’s say, you would want to develop you co-curricular skills, then you might need to look at some proper academies that can kick start your journey.

When you know yourself, you will not procrastinate

One of the most important virtues that you will need to develop to become an expert in your field is your habit of DOING IT NOW – Never delay

A mythological story where the devils discuss as to how to make mankind suffer is that they decide to imbibe the habit of doing it TOMORROW

Your biggest enemy is your FRONT DOOR. If you are able to step out of it, the world is ready to listen to you.

Should know the functional value over its appearance

Your career should be a leading beacon for the society. However, some of us look towards the glamour value more than others.

This approach will end up taking the wrong career path as you might be only enamored by the spotlights each of them get.

Your career should be a reflection of your value system and not any other factor.

Personal prophecies are reflection of the confidence

As articulated by the great psychologist, Dr. Shad Helmstetter in his book ‘What to say, when you talk to yourself’, it is your thoughts that determine your words.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are your articulated visions and it important that you orient yourself towards these thoughts properly.

Leaders would rather succeed than predict their failure correctly

An extension of the above strategy is that if you want to emulate the successful people in your field, it is important that you see the positive side.

Being pessimistic about an outcome is very easy as the world is filled with people who believe in the 80/20 rule – known as the Pareto principle.

However, people who have succeeded have defied all odds and haven even worked with 1% probability.

Second Vision – A new perspective
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Understanding your path towards your career is an important step

You never plan to fail, but if you fail to plan you career, then there could be repercussions that will be hard to overcome

People skills and strategies around it have always aided the personalities who have done well for themselves.

Society operates with two entirely separate set of rules

You will need to encounter two different perspectives of the same situation since it might be handled by two varied personalities.

There are instances when you might believe that you have arrived, but a debilitating set back will send you back, more than where you started from.

Break the rule: To be followed, it must be appropriate to the circumstances

It’s not a rocket science to understand that you need to play the game of life as per the merits of it.

As it’s easy to overlook the forest because of the trees, it is very critical that you don’t major in the minors that could lead to a sub-optimal situation in your career.

Rules are guides, not absolute

As said by the great writer A.G. Gardiner in his recital ‘The Rule of the Road’, it is imperative that you maintain a threshold for the rules laid out by the society.

Sometimes, it might be needed for you to circumvent the standard procedures and end up saying a WHITE LIE, when the result is beneficial to a large section of the society.

Living by stereotypes is dangerous as it masks our own personal needs

Tremendous success in any field is always the result of you being able to break away from the monotony and create a separate niche for your self

If you analyze two ends of the spectrum of business and sports, you will realize that success did not knock at their footsteps

Each one of them, chartered a new territory that is in line with their ultimate dreams and goals

Throw out those ideas that don’t work for you

There will be plethora of options presented to gain a foothold in the career of your choice based on your interests and abilities.

This will need to have a discerning mind to understand the nuances of the platter that is being served for you.

You can always change your mind – Nothing wrong about it

All great people have failed multiple times before succeeding. Your mindset has to be attuned to the fact that FAILURE IS THE STEPPING STONE FOR SUCCESS

You will always hear about the Road Ahead, but how would it be a great idea to know about the Road Behind.

From Zuckerbergs of the world, it is easy to see the fancy of making money faster, but the real magic lies in your ability to be adaptive to the changing circumstances.

Sometimes, NO is not a convenience, but a necessity

Did you know that by the time, you turned 18 years, you have heard the word – NO, close to 20,000 times. It has turned you into a WELL SET CONCRETE

But, the sad truth is that, this word’s significance comes in a different phase of your life, which if not used properly can end up in a bad state for you.

By saying NO, you can take charge of your life

It’s an irony that ALL SUCCESS comes only after an emphatic decision to take a path that is less known, as said by the great author Robert Frost in The Road Not Taken.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep and I have miles to go before I sleep

Third Vision – Changing directions
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Taking a course-correction is critical for success

A major jolt might occur around your mid 30’s when you start to realize that your chosen path is not completely perfect.

It is at this time of your career that you might want to re-evaluate your strengths vis-a-vis the changing trends in the market.

This might be the phase of your life where you might want to become an entrepreneur

Do something of your own and say the big goodbye to your boss.

Some ideas that might aid you…

‘Yes’ bridges the abyss

At this stage, you will need to rewrite the old saying ‘Jack of All trades and master on none’ into MASTER OF ONE.

This would mean that you need to develop a particular expertise in one area and be a good people manager and hence your EQ (Emotional Quotient) becomes more important.

Asking a question does not mean that you are dumb or lack education

By this time, you would have started understanding the people around you are not super intelligent. They just have the boldness to ask even trivial questions.

The amount and the variety of your questions will determine your ability to charter new territories that should open up different avenues that you thought, never existed

When you question, you show yourself to be fearless

As it’s a known fact that, IT TAKES GUTS TO SUCCEED, your potential to reach the epitome of success is completely in your hands.

If your attitude towards questioning is like a child’s inquisitiveness, then you can be rest assured that the reaching of your goals is just around the corner.

You avoid uncomfortable situation – direct confrontation

All great people in all walks of life, at some point in their life chose to confront different kinds of situations to achieve, what they thought was right.

You can notice these names in every domain that you choose. It could be the Ahimsa route of Mahatma Gandhi or the Declaration of Independence by the 56 confrontational men of USA.

Taking the challenges head on is what will give you the ultimate happiness and you will be able to reach your destiny.

You don’t speak our mind due to fear of rejection

Every great idea has been rejected, when it started. When Mark Zuckerberg went with the idea of Facebook to his professors, he was thrown out.

Thomas Alva Edison was ostracized when he failed his 5th grade. The US congress almost bought out a law to stop the Wright brothers. Stalwarts like Pabelo Picasso were also not spared the stick.

If any of these great people had not spoken their minds out, think of the world that we would be living in.

Truth builds trust and helps bridge the old injuries

It’s an oft told statement, but hardly practiced as you would have seen only that people who have manipulated the system have prospered.

However, if you observe closely, all people who have achieved CONSISTENT success have followed the rule of the land

The main ingredient is their integrity.

Actions are the true statement of identity

Your final step in achieving greatness boils down to one ultimate performance and

That is HOW FAST do you implement your ideas.

Don’t get into the habit of having great dreams over the weekend and let it fizzle out as the week begins.

Don’t be a statistic that says that the maximum heart attacks happen on Monday mornings.

Ignited Way’s steps

We use a variety of techniques to determine your talent as per your strengths and overlooking your weakness. Ignited Way provides assessments that will aid you in any age-group. Our products are applicable from the age group of 13 years to 45 years.

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