The First three unshakable moves to transform 2020

Your 1st move – The First Step

Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-Career .As a young person, you right now evaluating options. However, one key advice from us would be to evaluate your passion of how you would like to approach you work.

The options available are viz. A. Be an employee. B. Be a self-employed/entrepreneur. C. Create a team to run your business.

Whatever be your decision, there are some strategies that are evergreen to make you reach your ultimate success…

How you overcome the challenges

You will face various types of obstacles on a day to day basis ranging from immediate issue –  like a difference of opinion between what you want to achieve and what your elders want.

Or it could be some very complicated situation like there could be limited bandwidth – from a financial standpoint, to offer your choice of education.

Between these ends of spectrum of challenges will lie your aspirations and you will need to figure out a solution to solve this.

Complete submission to your goals

If you develop the attitude of ‘No questions asked about the system’, the chances of your success increases manifold.

This thought-process can only come if you are able to get to some undivided focus on what you want to achieve.

Some names that you might not be aware, but are creating waves in the Internet marketing space are classic examples of single-minded focus at a very young age.

Nothing happens till you get excited

High speed transportation are perfect examples of what is required to achieve maximum success. They expend maximum energy in the beginning that builds up a huge momentum.

The one physics equation that you should always remember is that momentum is factor of mass and velocity.

To be understood properly, it would mean that you would need to develop your leadership skills as well as be passionate in any career that you choose.

Listen to educational Audio regularly

One way to enhance your knowledge is to be in the learning curve, which would mean that you keep your brain as much nourished as you do your stomach.

A great paradox is the way you treat your million-dollar asset – Your brain. Do you know that this small 3-pound item in your body can calculate around 38,000 trillion calculations per second?

It is estimated that even the great Albert Einstein only used 5% of his brain power. Just think, if you utilize your brain-power properly, what can you not achieve?

Figure things out

If you are lucky, then you might end up having a good mentor for your career. Even then, it is critical that you need to make your own way.

There will be hardly any story worthwhile that did not have a struggle behind the success you see on screen. Champions are seen in the ring, but not made there.

Whatever be your domain, you will face situations that have never come before. You need to find solutions to that.

Success begets success

It’s an old saying that is worth remembering. People have trodden the path that you are trying now. However, your methods are different – hence it might take more time.

You have the potential to reach your goals. Just believe that it is possible!!

Your 2nd Move – Finding your way
Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-Career
Guiding oneself through the proper career options needs a good mentor

As you enter one of the important phases of your career, it is important that you understand some critical aspects of life.

If you need you career to be a well-rounded one, it should encompass the equivalence of both private victory and public victory as mentioned by Stephen Covey.

The book – ‘Seven habits of Highly Effective People’ is a wonderful start that will aid you as you progress in your career. Some strategies around that…

You Will Not Have Everything Right When You Build Your Career

One of your key strengths that you need to develop is your resilience towards unexpected events. As a great saying goes, ‘When life throws a lemon, make a lemonade out of it’.

Lot of your close circle will start advising you on the path that you choose. But remember to see, if they have the fruit on their tree before they give out their thoughts.

Do you start from my home only if all the traffic lights are green? Don’t you start and stop when required? You should have the same thought-process.

What is your phone bill?

Your monthly expenses are a clear indication of your efforts towards creating a strong future. You might end up being ‘Penny Wise and Pound Foolish’.

Never major in the minors, as it is very easy to be lured by those aspects that will not aid you in reaching your destinations.

If you will observe, all great people took some risk and it will be either Time or MoneyHow can you assume that your success can be any different?

Develop An Unbelievable Work Ethic

You will have to develop this habit even though you might face a lot of unprecedented challenges. This is the differentiating factor between people who have succeed and where you are.

Successful people do the work which unsuccessful people don’t do. The fact is the former also don’t like doing it, but they do it any way.

A great book by Ruben Gonzalez – ‘It takes courage to succeed’ is a wonderful anecdote that highlights this point to the core.

You Don’t Go With Statistics

If any great person in your field started with statistics, they will not be where they are today. In USA, 65% get divorce. Does that mean you don’t marry?

A similar data point is the number of businesses that succeed. It’s a very small percentage. If any leaders thought that way, we would not be enjoying our lives as it is right now.

You Cannot Make Anyone To Be Successful – You Can Just Show The Path

Success in your career is based on lot of variables. But the key thought is what has been shared in this perspective.

You can take a horse to a pond, but it will drink that water, if is thirsty enough. You cannot make it drink. Success in your career is like that – You will need it as desperately as you would need air, if you were under water.

Opportunity Knocks Only Once

The interesting part of great opportunities is that it is camouflaged in hard work. The below story highlights that.

There was a different SWAYAMVAR that was held by a rich person in a town. The challenge was that the potential groom had to swim across a pool infested with crocs.

The moment he finished saying those words, a young man jumped into the pool and swam across. Before people could start applauding him, he asked “Who pushed me”?

REMEMBER THIS: You might have problems staring at you, but that’s that way to success!!

Your 3rd move – Realize your potential
Counseling, Job, Placement, Psychometric tests, Training, Career, Guidance, Assessment, Planning, Mid-Career
Planning the career needs guts, because thats what will make you succeed

As you start moving in the direction, chosen for you, you will need to remember that you are not doing it for yourself, but leaving behind a legacy.

Always remember that the universe hands all of us, the same equal opportunity. How, each one of us, take it up is the key question.

Life will keep giving opportunities. You need to be smart enough to recognize that and implement, what is right for you.

Make generations remember your name

It is an easy task to do something that is relevant to the current context and situation. If you observe your leaders, you will understand a pattern.

All of them have visions that are at least 25 years ahead of today. If you know how Reliance entered the cell phone market late, but took it by storm.

The legend goes thus: “Dhirubai told his sons that, whatever stops – people will never stop talking”!!

It is the same ‘stuff’ inside all people

A great example of the above statement is this: If you have three glasses of water which is filled in different bottles, it is the shape that determines the outcome – Not the matter inside.

When most of the Indians saw the British rule, pre-independence as a matter of fact; only a few good men like Subash Chandra Bose saw it as imperialism and took action.

Opportunities might come around

It is a law that sometimes, good things come around even if you have missed it the first time. But you need to be looking and respect the person who shows you the opportunity.

However, one of the key ingredients for this principle to succeed is that you need to keep an open mind and be willing to experiment new things, till you succeed.

Honesty and hard work – Key to achievement

It might look like a clichéd term. But, if you observe closely, you will realize that all great leaders have these two qualities deeply imbibed in their personality.

When Gandhiji used Ahimsa as the strategy to achieve independence for us, he was true to its cause and it took him a lot of time – more than three decades.

When he was assassinated, it was because it was felt that he did not live up to the above two qualities. Be ready for such a brickbat.

Others stories are the key to your inspirations

Before the Wright brothers, it was felt that humans can never fly. Some generations before, the earth was flat!!

Whenever, someone tries something new, it could be for the first time and he/she might not end up with the desired levels of success.

That is the path that you should take where you can create a niche for yourself in the same domain that others have started.

Some classic examples are companies and individuals that have chosen different aspects of Internet marketing.

Only dreams will keep you focused

An important aspect of achieving your destination is your ability to focus on the WHY and overlooking the HOW.

If you look at all the great leaders of the past, the one quality that differentiates them from the mass is their ability to focus on the reason of achieving something worthwhile

Your Dreams will keep you Ignited on your Way to your goals!!

Ignited Way’s steps

We use a variety of techniques to determine your talent as per your strengths and overlooking your weakness. Ignited Way provides assessments that will aid you in any age-group. Our products are applicable from the age group of 13 years to 45 years.

  1. Compass
  2. Navigator
  3. Discover
  4. Cast-Off
  5. Revive

Some exciting directions handled by us:

  1. Discover a Career Path by analyzing your passion
  2. Identify unique strengths through psychometric tests
  3. Suggesting Occupations based on personality, interest & ability

You can review our expert’s profile who will be your mentor in understanding your strengths and based on a customized psychometric tests will provide the right direction

We have a vision of developing India into a strong country that provides cutting edge solutions on education and transform Young Indians positively

Wishing you that you achieve all your dreams

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