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Starting Block – Big Dreams

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Some ideas picked up from the great book People Tools by Alan.C.Fox

Adversity is the seed

As said by the great Napoleon Hill, that ‘Every adversity is the seed of an equal or greater opportunity’, you need to assess every situation that you feel is creating disadvantageous position from a positive frame of mind

Let’s say that your house has had a fire accident and not much is left. Isn’t it the perfect time to lament over the ill luck that has befallen you?

Looking from a positive frame of mind, if let’s say that you have never interacted with insurance agents, architects and contractors, wouldn’t it be a GREAT START?

Have an Infectious positivity

Your life could have boomerangs thrown at you which could result in challenges coming back to you again and again, from quarters that you least expected from.

Your fortitude lies in your will-power to not look at everything with a ‘tinted glass’, but to make yourself ready with an unwavering thought of success

Discern people and their habits

Many a times you will face people who seem very palatable to begin with. But, you need to be having a proper thought-process that will aid you in understanding about people.

Your reaching your goals is definitely, not a ‘one-man/woman-show’. However, your dreams and aspirations can only be achieved by your own personal effort, to a major extent.

Self-fulfilling prophecies

As said by great authors like Rhonda Byrne of Secret, there is an external force (Spiritual people say it is God and Atheists say it is Universe) that aids you in achieving your dreams and goals as per your orientations.

This force is constantly ‘conspiring’ you in all your endeavors to make a positive outcome that is based on your internal thinking that directs your actions.

Framing effect

It is very interesting thought-process that you sometimes carry. You tend to avoid risk when a positive frame is presented but seek risks when a negative frame is presented

The framing effect is a cognitive bias where you decide on options based on, if the options are presented with positive or negative semantics; e.g. as a loss or as a gain

Your growth = Your people skills

it is always an interesting confluence between the EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) that you acquire in your education. However, sadly, the former never gains credence.

You have always been told that if you talk well, you will end up as a talkative person, not someone who would be a good ORATOR

Ironically, the world of business recognizes your EQ more than your IQ. Hence, it is imperative to develop your personality more than your brains

Impact of words

It’s a cliched term that YOUR WORDS determine your destiny. But, it is so sad that sometimes you do not think about that small piece of organ that is just below your nose.

Have you ever wondered the strength of those sayings?

In 1961, President JFK said to the world that USA will put a man on the moon and he did that in 1969, when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk to on the moon .

Some tips for a cause
Career, Guidance, Job, Advice, Training, Counsel
Taking a growth path in one’s career in critical

Some career guidance thoughts that can aid you in charting the right course of action

  1. Fall Forward
  2. Don’t Give up
  3. Strategies for Success
  4. Success takes time

Fall Forward

  • Don’t expect everybody to support you in your endeavors. You can see people in all walks of life, who have achieved success and in some cases, they had to fight against their own family and friends
  • Life can throw debilitating challenges that can take away the closest of your support systems. You need to overcome those
  • Your success depends on how big a team that you are able to build
  • As said in ancient philosophies, ‘Opportunity knocks, but only once’. You need to keep your eyes and ears open to be able to recognize it.
  • Success depends on your personal effort – You need to work efficiently
    • A lion sleeps for 16 hours, but still is called the ‘king of the jungle’. The donkey works for 16 hours.
    • See ‘Secret’ DVD every day before going to bed
  • There will be a lot of negatives that will come at you that you do not expect, but that will carve the way for a positive outcome
Don’t Give Up
  • You will get support from unexpected segments, once you start pursuing your goal
  • Understand the B quadrant thinking, as mentioned by Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Any new person in your team should be able to see the comrade in your environment
  • Goal oriented approach – Learn the value of anything that you get
  • A classic story of Same situation, but different attitude
    • Two buckets that filled water: One was depressed since it was getting emptied and the other was excited as it got filled again
  • There will be THREE stages in your growth path
      • Stage 1: Excited, but nothing happens
      • Stage 2: Limited growth
      • Stage 3: Massive growth
  • But most people keep juggling between 1st and 2nd phase and never reach the 3rd
      • You need to have an attitude of a bull dog. It has its nose pointed backwards as it can breathe even when its holding its food
  • Have fun while building your career – Love what you do, else you will start getting frustrated
  • There are two steps of building your career, that would ensure a long term, sustainable growth path. These are
    • Speed of execution of your plans
    • Building relationships with the right kind of people
  • A rocket is faster than plane which is faster than car – It is because of the fire within
Strategies for Success
  • Need x faith = Motivation
  • You need to think and act fast: Can’t keep analyzing too much.
  • You need to take initiative to get ahead
  • The plan is not important – Are you able to build trust and a relationship? – that’s the key
  • Learn the art of probing – That will help you build a strong client base
  • Find a mentor who has achieved what you are trying to achieve and be in constant touch with him/her
  • It’s a puzzle game – Keep fitting each piece one by one and you will reach your goal
Success takes time
  • Do your actions consistently for 1000 days – Success is guaranteed
  • If you follow your PASSION, you have the potential to be successful in all walks of your life
  • The foundation of a home takes the longest time, so don’t get frustrated, if the results are not showing up immediately
  • Maximize your productivity – Be creative
  • Get into the trenches if you want to move on – No matter what your level is in your organization
  • Take a new trajectory when obstacles hit you – Eagle flies above the clouds when it rains
Moving Ahead for success
Job, Training, Advice, Counselling, Psychometric tests, Career, Guidance
Making a positive move is all it takes to be a success

You making the right decision and following up with the right tools requires, not just some proper goals but also a mentor with you, who can give you the assurance of ‘Been There; Done That’.

We have a strong database of varied personalities who have achieved the dreams and aspirations as per their wish and you can do the same

These ideas have been picked from Alan.C.Fox’s book

A fulfilled life is a great start

You have sometimes strive for perfection and in some cases, tried to emulate a great personality in your field. There is nothing wrong about it.

The challenging aspect comes as you are looking through the KEY HOLE and are not able to see the ENTIRE STORY.

Hence it is imperative that you understand all perspectives, before taking a call

Given these perspectives, your goal in life is to have a happy life more than anything else

Being efficacious rather than genuine

Your achievements are a result of the efforts that you put into your actions, so do improve that

Every great person who has achieved success in their fields is a result of not being 100% committed, but 200% efforts.

When you start your activities to achieve any substantial results you need to look at your effort more than your intention

Enhancing behavior to change your view-point

Your appreciation of life depends on your mind-set that you carry and hence it’s critical that you work on that.

You need to put the hard yards and only then would you be able to achieve the greatest success that you see in your leaders.

You need to approach every situation differently as the orientation of the challenges are going to be varied in each case.

Your goals – Being happy, a contented family or financial success

There are three facets of a great life as highlighted above. Your reasons for success should be these directions.

Your aspirations should be a wholesome mix of the above three ingredients and not just focused on making more money.

Ending up being a Bill Gates or Warren Buffet without contentment is not a good idea.

You can’t teach an old horse, new tricks

Close to the start of the 16th century, the above saying started making its way into the English lexicon through John Heywood

Its more pertinent in today’s day and age where you would need to upgrade your skill or as it is said ‘Sharpen your axe’

You need to be ‘Jack of All Trades’ and “Master of One’, which is absolute combination of being a specialist in one area and generalist, other wise

You are the world’s foremost expert on yourself

When the dust settles it is important to see where you stand in the grand scheme of things.

You would have noticed that stalwarts I any field have ‘Controlled Ego’ about their abilities and accomplishments

Your success is also dependent of such a healthy ego that can guide you to the pinnacle of dreams.

You need to be above ordinary

When a rule is set, it is based on certain frameworks. However, this is only done based on the past.

As a trail-blazer, you would be setting new benchmarks for success and it would become you paramount duty to just not do it for yourself, but for others around you.

Your true success depends on creating a path for you as well as your followers, which means that your effort will also include enhancing other’s talents

Ignited Way’s steps

We use a variety of techniques to determine your talent as per your strengths and overlooking your weakness. Ignited Way provides assessments that will aid you in any age-group. Our products are applicable from the age group of 13 years to 45 years.

  1. Compass
  2. Navigator
  3. Discover
  4. Cast-Off
  5. Revive

Some exciting directions handled by us:

  1. Discover a Career Path by analyzing your passion
  2. Identify unique strengths through psychometric tests
  3. Suggesting Occupations based on personality, interest & ability

You can review our expert’s profile who will be your mentor in understanding your strengths and based on a customized psychometric tests will provide the right direction

We have a vision of developing India into a strong country that provides cutting edge solutions on education and transform Young Indians positively

Wishing you that you achieve all your dreams

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